Lia Faille Designs

Lia Faille Designs


Who We Are

Lia Faille Designs is a small time business.

As a self-taught Graphic artist, I have spent time going over different tutorials and experimenting with what I have found. Most of my designs are accomplished using Adobe Photoshop.

I recently earned my Wed Design Certificate from Baker College and I am continuing on for my Bachelors in Web Development. I have experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl/CGI, Java, JS, Flash, Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver.

As for my Photography experience, I have been taking photographs since I was a little kid. There is just an overwhelming joy in capturing that special moment or view and being able to preserve it for a lifetime.

Why Us

We at Lia Faille Designs, are dedicated to providing unique designs for each and every customer whether it be as a web design or graphic design.